1. Question: How do I make an ad page?


You must first register with the website to create your account. This is a one time process. After registering the program will email you your login information.

Login to your account. If you see your name appear at the top of the page you have successfully logged in. Click Ad Management, then Place Ad. NOTE: Your profile is not your ad page.



2. Question: Why is my ad not showing?

Possible Answers: 

Your ad needs to be approved by admin. This may take some time, but is usually done within a 24 hour period.

You also may have filled out your personal profile instead of the actual ad. The profile is private and does not show up live. Be sure you filled out the actual ad form. To check to see if you have the ad form filled out login to your account and click Ad Management. If  you do not see an ad listed you have not filled out your ad page.



3.   Question: I did not receive the email with my registration info and/or lost password.

Possible Answers: 

If you did not receive your email please check your junk and/or spam folder filters. Contact your email provider if you do not know how to find those filters. If you did not receive those emails your email provider has most likely blocked the email mistaking it for spam.