Pitsky - 2 year old needing new home

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Contact: jgoodeliunas
not a breeder, just a rescuer

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Ruger is a strong & affectionate 85 lb dog. highly intelligent. just completed 4 wks of intense obedience and off leash/recall training. crate trained, loves toys.
reason I cant keep him is he was a rescue that got dropped off on my doorstep a few months ago. I'm in major transition with a lot of things in my life and he needs a more stable environment. the story goes is that he has been bounced around so much that he just wants a place to call his home. Because of this, he came with some fear and food aggression. we have been working with him on this and he has gained a lot of confidence and is much better. he just needs a stable and consistent environment, one I cannot give him at this time. he needs a strong but gentle pack leader

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