Blue Rat Cha for breeding Male

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Contact: myblueratchi
Fountain Valley, CA, United States
$ 295.00
Amanda Esquer-Nelson

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Hunter is a 4 year old blue rat cha. He is 3rd generation and has the most unique blue coat similar to that of a blue pitbull. He's never had any health issues. He's the healthiest most active dog. He's been trained since he was able to walk and has the sweetest temperament. His nickname is Eeyore because he just wants to be with you or he wants to be playing with his tennis ball. . He has a sister that he's never been separated from since birth but obviously she is fixed. He's one of a kind and this is the reason he hasn't been nutured. It's rare for rat chas to have his beauty along with the wonderful rat cha personality. It's something that must be shared and bred for future pups like him.

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