StarView Jack-A-Poos--Breeders of Poodle/JRT Cross--Calmer Temperament & Low Shedding!

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Contact: starviewfarm
Bronston, Kentucky
Sandy Colangelo

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If you love the Jack Russell Terrier like we do but are looking for a calmer, softer temperament (and LOW shedding), the the Jack-A-Poo is the dog for you! As the PREMIER BREEDERS of Jack-A-Poos in the US, we at StarView Jack-A-Poos started our quest with this hybrid cross in 2005. Breeding only 1-4 litters per year our puppies have gone on to be trained in medical assistance, agility, etc....Jack-A-Poos are highly intelligent and are much more "willing to please" than a purebred JRT and make excellent family dogs. Many of our clients have come back for a 2nd or 3rd Jack-A-Poo! the "smartest and best dog I've ever owned," is a comment we hear often from the owners. For more info--Website:

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