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Australian Labradoodle Puppies this Winter, Spring and Summer. Standard, Medium and Mini's. Email or go to website for wait list availability & info package.

F1, First Generation, F1B, Second Generation, Labradoodle, Australian Labradoodle, Multigen...what is that all about...It is very important to understand the pedigree of your Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle! Just breeding a poodle to a lab or labradoodle to a labradoodle does not make a quality pet! There are two breeds, Australian Labradoodle and American Labradoodle and three generations of each type of Labradoodles, select the best for your family needs:

Australian Labradoodle: about 75% poodle, 15% lab, 10%spaniel, non-shedding, Fleece coated or Wool coated Australian Labradoodle, typically dander free. Quality breeders only breed Australian labradoodles that are true to the Australian labradoodle breed standard in temperament and coat.
Multigen Australian Labradoodle most of the time Australian Labradoodle breed to Australian Labradoodle through the generations, should be a mix of about about 75% poodle, 15% lab, 10% spaniel, Typically non shedding, Fleece coated, typically dander free. Quality Multigen breeders only breed australian labradoodles that are true to the australian labradoodle standard in temperament and coat.

First Generation Labradoodle, F1: 50% poodle 50% lab Moderate to light shedding wispy Hair coated Labradoodle Origin Dog, typically reduced dander
Second Generation Labradoodle, F1B: , (F1 backcross) 75%poodle 25% lab more true to labradoodle standard but still about 50% or more shed lightly, , reduced dander
Multigeneration Labradoodle most of the time F1B breed to F1B through the generations, should be a mix of about 65% to 85% poodle. Typically low shedding, Fleece coated, typically dander free. Quality Multigen breeders only breed labradoodles that are true to the labradoodle standard in temperament and coat.

We breed Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles here at Rainmaker Ranch, originally we breed Australian Labradoodles Our puppies are true to Australian Labradoodle standard both in temperament, conformation, and coat.

We believe that to breed excellent healthy family companion Australian Labradoodles the parents of your puppy must also be excellent healthy family companions!

Our exceptional Australian Labradoodle Puppies Moms & Dads...
We have three females and one males in our exceptional program. We have taken great time & used the highest of standards to select our parents to ensure the highest quality puppies. Our puppies are socialized & follow a strong vet guided health & training program to ensure health, training, & a loving, positive disposition. Pictures and details are on our website. www.labradoodle-breeder.com

Our environment... We are not a kennel and only breed inside our home, we live in a residential neighborhood on an acre. The puppies are kept indoors, loved, socialized and trained (potty trained to wee pads, socialized with people and dogs, taught people are not chew toys and taught to swim with ease) as soon as reasonable. Our adult dogs are our pets sleeping on our daughters bed at night, loved constantly making them excellent role models. If you cannot come visit we can provide references from those who have seen our program.

Color... Our puppies will be parti, chocolate, black, sable, cafe, cream or apricot.


Our puppies’ parents are very intelligent, bright and bubbly, they have a great desire to be part of the family making them very easy to train. Australian Labradoodles are good watchdogs but are void of aggression. They are sociable with other animals and are ever patient with children of all ages. We train our puppies as soon as feasible, they are potty trained to wee pads, taught to swim with ease, given a collar, taught not to bite or chew on people and are given lots of love, handling, toys, inside and outside time. They sleep in our home day and night and are taken outside to play many times a day. As a adoptive parent you are welcome to join puppy play time.
Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodles breeding Australian Labradoodles
There are three sizes of labradoodles: Standard, Medium and Mini. We breed Standard, Medium and Mini. Our Standards are about 20-21" to the shoulder and 50-60 lbs, Mediums are about 17- 19" to the shoulder and 30-40 lbs. Our Mini are less than 17" to the shoulder and 25-30 lbs. Our mini's are a result of breeding a small medium to a mini multigen Australian labradoodle, we do not breed any toy poodles in our bloodlines.
All of our Labradoodle puppies have a type of fleece coat with a full fleece feel and look, resembling a sheep dog with a body wave of very loose floppy curls. The standard fleece coat is almost always non shedding , antiallergenic (meaning dander free as poodles are), and no body odor. They can be clipped 3-4 times a year or just trimed as needed.
Rainmaker Ranch Labradoodles breeding Australian Labradoodles

Never purchase a labradoodle or australian labradoodle that does not have health tested parents. If possible look for a superior genetically tested, healthy line as well as a health guarantee! You will receive a vet signed healthy puppy report including shot records of their 5 puppy vet visits with us and a three-year health guarantee of no HD, PRA, Patella luxation, VonWilabrands, Elbow, Thyroid, and Eye disorders. We have our breeding poodle, australian labradoodle and labradoodle parents checked for HD (hip dysphasia), Elbow dysplasia, patella luxation, Thyroid disorders, heart and Eye disorders with associated OFA (good or excellent) & CERF eye exam findings. You will also receive a 6 generation pedigree of your fantastic puppy!

Requirements and Price...
Please visit our main website for all our requirements, price, wait list, and much more!

Yes, we are experienced shippers.

EMAIL US AT THE TOP LINK FOR AN INFORMATION PACKAGE. We return all emails! If you do not get a reply you have entered your email address incorrectly & therefore we cannot find you.

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