MistyTrails Havanese '1993' {Registered / Certified} CKC Premium Status breeder

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Contact: Bev Dorma
Cobble Hill, BC, Canada
Bev Dorma

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{ Proud breeder of the #1 Female, and the #1 Male Havanese in the Country for consecutive years}

#1 FEMALE CKC and AKC Havanese 2011, winner of Best Female At Eukanuba National Show
2012 Winner Westminster Best Of Breed

Welcome to

" M I S T Y T R A I L S - H A V A N E S E "

Havanese are Voted one of the #1 Companion Dogs in the WORLD

We are located on the West Coast of Canada, on Vancouver Island>>Two hours North of Seattle WA. We live on a couple of acres in the country, and Our puppies are not kennel raised, They are actively socialized within our family home, making them very outgoing, playful, loving, trusting and Non-Shy. We are proud to have some of the best temperments .

Our Havanese Home, is ALWAYS open for visitors


Our puppies are weighed daily, to give them the best start they deserve. Our puppies start paper training at 3 weeks of age, so they learn there is a place to eat, a place to sleep and a place to do their business. This background training simplifies your training, as they are introduced to a designated potty area, long before time of placement to new homes. By 8 weeks, they are doggy door trained to go potty outside, and partially crate trained.

We work Closely with our Vets and other breeders, combining our years of experience and pedigrees. together we guarantee that our puppies are healthy & have the best start in life. References, & Vet references readily available.

We Breed Show Quality Dogs, for PETS : (show dogs occasionally available) ..

MistyTrails Havanese '1993' {Registered / Certified} breeder

A healthy puppy, is a happy puppy.

a well bred puppy, makes the BEST COMPANION PET

Together We Breed for Quality, not Quantity

Annual Genetic testing, Eyes CERF certified, OFA-Luxating Patella's clear.

Multi Champion Bloodlines --


Canadian, American, United, RareBreed, International, Cuban and Continental, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian. Nordish and WORLD Champions. Some Sires hold 7 Titles.

Awesome temperaments & Conformation.

We do not in-breed

These well bred dogs, make the ULTIMATE companion pets

we also breed for LONGEVITY

We have a wide selection of Pedigrees to ensure healthy breeding. OUR breeding program is working very well. With the Advise from our Vet, we can combine unrelated pedigrees, by working together with a small group of ethical breeders. The results from our Selective breeding have produced EXCEPTIONAL puppies. with excellent bodies, excellent teeth /bites, and Awesome movement and personalities. We can keep a wide range of KNOWN blood, that we have history and accurate records on. So we have a good idea of what to expect. We also work with an international Breeder, That has more experience in the breed, than all of us put together. We owe a lot of our success to her. OUR Goal, is to keep the breed healthy and strong.

MistyTrails Havanese '1993' {Registered / Certified} breeder

These puppies make Great companions for all ages.

They are Great with Children , & Retired couples Adore them

EMILY's JUNIOR Handling site


Theselittle treasures are very adaptable. They are full of energy, and so willing to learn. On one of our last placements, she described her puppy as an "energizer bunny" yet when it came time to cuddle, she turned into a calm content cuddler.
MistyTrails Havanese '1993' {Registered / Certified} breeder

. There can be no doubt that the Havanese is one of the world's most devoted companion animals.

Havaneses live for your every word and gesture.

50% of Havanese owners, come back for a 2nd havanese within the first 2 years.
MistyTrails Havanese '1993' {Registered / Certified} breeder

We Do Not BREED 'pet Quality' dogs'

We breed 'TOP QUALITY' dogs for 'PETS'



http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/havanesephotos.htm (lots of Havanese pictures).....................

http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/petkids.htm (page 1 + 8 )


(Puppy whelp pictures from Birth to 8 weeks old, Prenatal Pregnancy GUIDE )

www.dogbreedinfo.com/showing.htm a good site with grooming tips, genetic screening, showing tips Elite havanese Canadian dog and puppy breeders in British Columbia Canada

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