Great Weimars from DeMille Blue Bloods!

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Genola, UT, USA
$ 1,000.00
DeMille Blue Bloods

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We ship! Visit our website for more info! Great Weimars make ideal family companions. Cross the gentle Great Dane with the robust Weimaraner and you have The Great Weimar. Longer lived than the Great Dane and calmer than the Weimaraner, he is the ultimate family dog. He retains the extreme loyalty, devotion and train-ability of both breeds in addition to a stunning combination of their regal, aristocratic appearances - a true work of art! The Great Weimar is a sleek, athletic companion who desires to be near his people. He is a fabulous hiking, jogging, skijoring, and running companion who can settle right down and be mellow in the home. He is strong and muscular and is an astute watchdog and guardian.

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