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Puppies Available NOW,Over 10 Years Dedicated to Top Quality Aussiedoodles, Goldendoodles & Labradoodles!!!

All of our pups are raised in our country home , kid tested and momma approved We pride ourselves in placing Healthy Happy Family Pets as well as dedicated service or therapy dogs! . Gentle ,Sweet ,Easy to train,,

Our pups are vet checked by our licensed vets that come's to our Home!! vaccinations up to date, Tested Parents, Champion Bloodlines!

Full 2Year Guarantee,,Limited Lifetime gurantee!!!

See our main site for Pictures & more info to assist you in your search for your perfect puppy!!

Please Visit our site and contact us through there www.Doodlesville.com

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A Doodlesville Doodle is on the Cover of the Labradoodle Breed Book Representing the Breed!!!

Visit our main site for Pictures and more Info to assist you in your search for your perfect Puppy!

Parents Tested, 2 Year Guarantee and a Limited Lifetime Guarantees , as LIFETIME SUPPORT, REFERENCES AVAILABLE

Goldendoodle and Aussiedoodle Puppies Available~~~ http://www.Doodlesville.com

If you are looking for a MINI Doodle please visit our site for valuable info

Nice Teddy Bear Goldendoodles>>Tan / English Cream Ready soon


Aussiedoodles > All sizes of Aussiedoodles, ranging from every color imaginable, TRUE Mini's and Medium Sizes.

Find out about TRUE Miniature Doodles

We are a small, family operated kennel on 25acres in southern Virginar.

We are dedicated to the Doodle breeds ONLY - breeding Goldendoodles,& Aussiedoodles. Sharing our lives with these wonderful dogs has been a labor of love for us for many years, and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to share our passion for Doodles with other loving, responsible dog lovers.

We have bred and raised many healthy, gorgeous and well socialized Doodles over the years. We are proud to say that one of our Labradoodles is on the Cover of the NEW Labradoodle Breed Book representing the breed. Another Im sure you have seen in Movies and Commercials

Our Doodles are first hand members of our family. One of the main ingredients that goes into creating a wonderful family companion is love and attention - you can't get that when Puppies are raised in kennels!

Doodles make fantastic family dogs that are incredibly gentle and tolerant of children.

All of our Doodles and their puppies are KID TESTED! 🙂

With a beautiful, healthy, well bred and well socialized Doodle puppy from Doodlesville, you and your family can be assured of obtaining a loving, even tempered, joyful family companion that will provide you with many years of love, joy, companionship and warm feet!

Please Visit our Website www.DOODLESVILLE.com for Valuable Info to assist you in your search. Complete a application for immediate response and phone interview. We Look forward to assisting you in your search for your perfect Doodle Puppy!

Why a Doodle you ask??

Doodles are hybrids they tend to not have the health issues that full blooded Breeds have. The reason that the Full Blooded AKC Registered Dogs have so many health issues is due to the inbreeding and linebreeding that goes on in the AKC lines,,this breeds the brains and the health rite out of them, Doodles are the best of both worlds Low to No Shed, intelligent,healthy ,and extremely cute!! They make excellent family pets, & dedicated intelligent service or therapy dogs!!

Goto Main site www.Doodlesville.com

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